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and thats why you require a merchandiser with good network

Merchandising is an essential element in sourcing of new or existing products from current or new suppliers. Majority confuse the name to just a visual merchandiser seen mostly at retail shops.

What no one is talking about

If you are already selling, but are now considering increasing your margins (supplier rates have increased or competition has gone up) or Sales (new products, trending products, etc), then it is imperative for you to start search for Direct Manufacturers or a Merchandiser who does the job for you and provides much more assortment.

merchandisign shelf
Though the exact term for the retail part is visual merchandiser however it is much more than that.

Whats his job

Merchandiser job is one of the most crucial ones as he is the one who keeps the stock in order. And makes sure he support in product forecasting and buying activities alike , measuring the right product based on the performance of the products through various parameters like : category , collection , style , SKU , shape , price positioning , color , status and season.

He has to ensure that through clear communication action proposal with key findings reach the right team be it the stores or the supplier planning both online and offline.

The Merchandiser

The ones excelling it.. ZARA

Zara introduces new product every weeks , they maintain complete in-house process for the same and ensures strict adherence to new product launch scheduled every week at their retail stores. No two product are similar and this is why Zara enjoys a great fan base who come to them as they know their service is premium. You can also read more about them here

Merchandiser acts as the bridge that works closely with the suppliers relaying the thoughts of the team and working to and fro. Knowledge of the products thoroughly plays an important role.

How to work with a merchandiser

Having your own merchandiser is a good proposition to consider, however it comes with some drawback. We would suggest to work with reliable free lancers available, 9thRoute Sourcing, could be someone to consider.

  1. You are limited to a single person, his expertise & his existing network
  2. Senior Merchandisers find it hard to move to someone new as he has some form of comfortability with the exiting ones

and finding the right one

Productivity of merchandiser will ensure organisation is on a fast track path. However you need to ensure that you rate your merchandisers on every tasks done by him/her. Finer details about the role is very important to measure , including behaviour , his empathiness towards achieving organisations goal could be some such.

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