How to create one time use promo codes and increase your Amazon sales

in seven steps | keep this open while you create your amazon codes | Estimated time required ~4 minutes

You can also get a FREE demo to 9thRoute which eases the distribution of your codes through your store/web page

Step 1/7 Login !

Login to your Amazon seller central account ( . Hover your mouse over Advertising, and select Promotions from the dropdown

Step 2/7 Choose Type of Promotion

For this tutorial we will se creating %age off code. Select Percentage Off from the provide options as shown below

Step 3/7 Conditions

Input below information for Step 1 : Conditions

  • Buyer Purchases “At least-this quantity of items” and enter “1” in the box
  • Create a Product Selection (choose your product, by their ASIN/SKU, create a group which helps you remember the produt)
  • Buyer gets “Percent Off“, enter “30%” off in the box
  • Applies to “Purchased items

and scroll down to Step 2: Scheduling

Step 4/7 Scheduling

  • Start Date – keep a buffer of atleast 5-10 hours, since your submission for codes is approved by Amazon
  • End Date – put appropriate end date for the code (this is the expiry date of the codes)
  • Tracking Id – Do not change this

Step 5/7 Additional options

Choose/Check Single-use

Step 5/7 Review Promotion

Review the information provided, cross check with below

  • Buyer Purchases “At least-this quantity of items” “1
  • Your chosen Product Selection
  • Buyer gets “Percent Off“, which is “30%
  • Applies to “Purchased items
  • Start Date and End Dates

Step 6/10 Success !

Click on View or Modify your promotion on the top success message as shown below for next steps

Step 6/7 Manage Claim codes

Click on the second tab, “Manage claim codes”

Enter name of the group “Store promo 30% off on product group” and Quantity. If you input Quantity as 100, you will use 100 Single/One time use coupons (in a txt file) which you can then distribute through your store or in all your marketing campaigns.Hit Create

It will take few seconds, and you will be taken to next page, where you can download the coupon. You will have to click on Download, and you will get a .ZIP extension file, you can unzip it and you will be given a txt file containing all the codes line by line

Step 7/7 Distribution of these coupons

9thRoute eases this problem , by providing a Landing page, which apart from Getting new users for your products, builds an Pipeline for your future product launches, sales and promotions.

9thRoute Coupon/Promo code landing page

And below is how, using compelling and tested way to create beautiful landing pages, where customers can easily claim coupon in few clicks, and you get an additional patron.

We have written a blog which focusses on creating, managing and distribution of your Coupons/Promotions for your products/web-store. Read here

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