Path to effective Amazon sales using coupons in 3 steps

What is the new Dope on increasing store sales ? be it your Amazon store or your own E-commerce

Landing Pages

Landing pages aka your store front page or product page which lands your customer to your promoted product is of prime importance. For a successful and sustainable Brand performance and sales it is inevitable to keep promoting yourself through Social and Email channels so that you get the required sales.

And whats the best way to promote your products ? Yes, its the Coupons which provides the much needed push for anyone to buy your product or to consider such effort.

We have written a detailed blog on creating One-time or single use coupons codes from Amazon seller central, read the blog here

Step 1. Coupons – What, Why and How

Coupons are an excellent way to get the sales push. Distributing coupons can be done through your choice of channel (Paid ads, Page, Email, etc). There are lot of articles which even go to the length of describing which coupon works best for consumer, like should I give a 40% Off or a $4 Off, what is the optimal timeframe to consider and most importantly how do I manage this kind of task with no coding or software development capability ?

Coupons – What are they ?

Coupons provide new and existing customers a reason to come back, its your way to show that that you care (in case of post-purchase, and you want them back) or to entice new customers.

Read our article on how to create one-time use Amazon coupons Amazon seller central

Coupons – Why should I give discounts ?

With such huge competition with so much of brands across, giving discounts is one of the best promotional strategies if you are looking to drive sales fast.

Coupons – How much discount to give

Statistics has shown that giving more than 50% Discount kills the overall appeal of a Discount based messaging. Other statistics show giving a %age off or a Dollar off depends on what kind of product you sell. If you have a product which is worth $1500 dollars, then giving a $5-15 Dollar off wont have any effect, so for expensive products >$200 its better to use %age off.

9throute amazon coupon
9throute amazon coupon

9thRoute provides its platform users easy way to create Coupons for their Amazon, Ebay or their Store products, with ease, where-in all the products which have been earmarked for coupons have a badge and a “Coupon Inside” tag attached to them. Also, it takes care of how to successfully convert customers, keep reading below to know how’s its done.

Step 2. A Successful Landing Product page to convert visitors

Driving external traffic (eg. Emails, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs, …) is the best way to grow your Amazon or your Store sales, while building a more resilient brand. Instead of being entirely at Amazon’s mercy, external traffic lets you take back control and build a thriving business that will be around for the long-term.

Capturing customer interest through landing page is a a key step towards a successful conversion , which gives you access to connect and get valuable feedback from your buyers in future.

Visual Stimulus is essential to help customers landing on your product page perform the action for which they were called for. Crazy egg has described here how to build high performing CTA (Click to Actions). Landing page design is more science than design, providing customers a visual experience not only to perform CTA actions but also to drive engagement. Since we are talking about Landing pages for “Coupons” distribution we will keep our focus specific to what a platform like 9thRoute has built after many trials and errors to build a efficient page experience which converts, without you having to research or build from scratch.

View the Live page here, how Birch leathers is using an Optimal coupon experience for its users on its product page Birch Leathers Product page

Birch Leathers Coupon page
9throute claim amazon coupon page

Based upon the above image we will summarise key elements required to successfully convert customers for your Amazon, Ebay or your own store coupons

  • Coupon Available – Show users that the product has a coupon which is LIVE, there are also other ways of making this more competitive, by showing Coupons used vs. coupons available, coupons left, etc
  • End Date Countdown – Showing end-dates for coupons provides users with a time-frame to decide. Sometimes, customers would like to generate coupons and save them over email, for a purchase to be done on a later date
  • Claim my code – A easy CTA which tells customers how to get theirs.

Step 3. And the most crucial step.. Claim coupon

9throute coupons
Users who show interest on “Claim my coupon” or “Get Code” are provided an instant checkout experience, and entering their contact detail (email)
9throute get the coupon and email

Instant Experience – Click to “Claim coupon”. 9thRoute platform makes this experience seamless and fast, for merchants to offer coupons at the click of a button after entering the basic customer detail.

View the Live page here, how one of our Brands are converting their visitors to customer, with engaging visuals & coupon experience, Birch Leathers Coupon page

Birch Leather coupon landing page

Key elements which make this experience better

  • Show customers what they intend to benefit from this coupon – Coupon terms, one-time use, limited time offer, terms and conditions, which you defined when you created your Amazon coupons. %age off or Dollar off, buy 1 get 1, etc.,
  • Provide them with coupon and also send them an email with the Coupon code and the product link so that they can always get their coupons when they want to make a purchase

See how Birch Leathers is converting its customers here

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